Triple bonus poker plus strategy

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If we hold three Aces, we have the same chance of drawing a fourth in Jacks or Better as in Double Bonus, and it’s also the same in Double Double Bonus or Triple Double Bonus Poker. It’s the payoffs that change, and those changes make it imperative for the smart player to adjust strategy.

You need to learn the proper strategy for the specific game you are playing. My recollection is that Jacks Or Better (JOB) does not pay anything for a kicker, but that Double, Double Bonus and Triple, Double Bonus and others do -- that is, for JOB, Four of a Kind (4OAK) pays the same no matter what the fifth card is. Four-of-a-kind 3s Dealt Triple Double Bonus Video Poker 50 ... Four 3s dealt out on a Triple Double Bonus Poker 50-Play machine at M Resort casino. Drawing just for the kicker... Every Four 3s translates into $4. Every Four 3s with an Ace, 2, or 4 translates ... Free Double Double Bonus Poker - Free Slots of Play free Double Double Bonus Poker online with a $1000 fun balance at Slots of Vegas. Practice Double Double Bonus Poker strategies for free and switch to real money to start winning big.

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Triple Bonus Poker Plus - Jan 23, 2019 · Over here you can check extensive tables with stats for Triple Bonus Poker Plus, such as pays, combinations, probabilities, and returns for various hands. Triple Bonus Poker Plus - The Wizard of Odds Double Bonus Poker Plus - Video Poker Guide to Play and

Don't know how to do color! Anyway,I ran the pay table on vp strategy master and got the following. There is a condensed version of the table in the Video Poker Player, but my scanner is out for service, and I don't feel like that much typing. HA! Good Luck to all, Nashville Rich TRIPLE BONUS POKER VPSM Basic Strategy 4000.0000 Pat Royal

Double Double Bonus video poker is often referred to as 10/6, ... Double Double Bonus Basic Strategy. Like Double Bonus video poker, ... Triple Diamond. Golden Goddess. Double Bonus Strategy - Perfect Strategy for ... - Video Poker Use our Double Bonus strategy to acheive a return of over 100%! Check out our full Double Bonus video poker strategy guide. Triple Bonus Video Poker - GamesandCasino Triple Bonus video poker by 3Dice Casino creates a special payout for both the Royal Flush (750 to 1) and several Four-of-a-Kind combos (up to 240:1). Casino Games: Triple Bonus Poker ‘simply’ attractive Casino Games: Winning Strategies | Triple Bonus Poker offers the player a relatively easy game to learn without all of those pesky high cards. I have ...

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Double Bonus Strategy - Perfect Strategy for ... - Video Poker On this page we're going to discuss what I believe is the best possible strategy for playing Double Bonus video poker. By using this strategy you will be able to achieve a return of over 100%, which means that you can actually beat the house edge.